Rusty Windmill

Rural Finance Solutions
Let's keep it simple!

You may be looking for a one off loan to purchase an extra block or you may be wishing to completely re-organise your existing loans by bringing them all together to take the headache out of your financial commitments. Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible for you, so you can keep doing what you're best at. We can help you with all this and more......

  • Rural Loans

    • Annual Reviews of your bank​

  • Leasing Farm Equipment

  • Refinance Options

  • Family Succession Planning

  • Equipment Finance

Who are you dealing with?

Jeff and Dave both come from rural families and have a deep understanding of the land and farming. They both attended Dalby Agricultural College and Gatton Agricultural College (UQ) together and have continued their connection with farming families as brokers. 


Jeff has a long background in agribusiness banking and visits to rural clients are one his favourite parts of his job. He takes helping farmers with finance seriously and genuinely aims to provide the best finance options possible.


Dave's journey from university included rural property management, commodity trading, rural banking and now finance broking. He has always based himself within rural communities and his agricultural experience is invaluable for working towards the best outcome for his clients.