Dreaming Of The Next Big Thing?

Have you ever had that experience where your mind spiralled off into the ‘hopes and dreams’ realm and you said to yourself;

‘I really need to think about getting a new car!’ ‘That looks like my perfect first home, I wonder if I can get into the market?’ ‘Wouldn’t it be sweet to jump into an investment property right now?’ ‘I wonder how I can start up my own business?’ or ‘I really need another truck and some new equipment for the business’ so on and so forth.

It’s exciting! It’s exhilarating! It’s almost tangible! But then reality sets in and you ask yourself, ‘I wonder if it can it work?’ ‘Where do I start?’ ‘Is it just a pipedream?’ ‘Is now the right time?’

THAT is exactly where we come in as finance brokers. You see we take those ‘hopes and dreams’ and find the tangible solution to make it happen. You see we take those ‘hopes and dreams’ and find the tangible solution to make it happen. Yes we crunch the numbers and check viability but it’s the problem solving that makes us valuable and unique.

We take the boxed and limited thinking and tear open the lid! We believe that 2+2=4 but so does 3+1. Problem solving is the name of the game and we are masters at it! It’s our job, it’s our passion, it’s where we help you turn those intangible ‘hopes and dreams’ into something tangible, something your proud of, something that grows your wealth, something that gives you a reason to move forward.

So do you have that itch to buy, big or small?

Give us a call at Interstate Finance and Leasing: We are not in the finance broking business; we are in the ‘hopes and dreams’ business.

Talk soon!

Jeff Budden - 0409 162 255

Jeff Budden is the Business Owner/Senior Broker of Interstate Finance and Leasing with 22 years experience in the NAB Bank before merging into IFL in 2011. He’s terrible at Cricket and Tennis although he thinks he is pretty good.

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